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"Public employees shall have the right to be represented by employee organizations to negotiate collectively with their public employers in the determination of their terms and conditions of employment, and the administration of grievances arising thereunder.”

                                                             New York State Taylor Law


For more than three decades, the attorneys at the Labor Group at Bartlo, Hettler, Weiss & Tripi have helped Western New York's public sector employees protect their rights under the Taylor Law.

We are a full-service firm providing representation at every stage of the collective bargaining process, from contract negotiations to proceedings before grievance arbitrators, the Public Employment Relations Board, and New York's Supreme and Appellate Courts.

The Labor Group's record of unsurpassed success in labor litigation includes:


  • Reversing unjust discipline and discharge, and obtaining compensation including             reinstatement and back pay.

  • Blocking the involuntary transfer of union members.

  • Obtaining promotions for union members denied their rights to upgrades under the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Preserving bargained-for promotional preferences, including the rule of "1 in 3".

  • Stopping the subcontracting of unit work.

  • Protecting the right of union members to overtime, out-of-title pay, and leaves of absence.

  • Defending access to health insurance benefits for active and retired union members.

  • Representing injured police officers in General Municipal Law § 207-c hearings.

  • Fighting for safe working conditions and equipment.

  • Confirming grievance arbitration decisions at the Supreme Court, to ensure that the full force of the law can be used to enforce the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Obtaining court orders finding public employers in Contempt of Court for disobeying enforcement orders and winning large cash judgments as a penalty

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