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Thanks to our extensive labor and management-side experience in the fields of health insurance, pension, and disability law, the Labor Group at Bartlo, Hettler, Weiss & Tripi can you help you negotiate, implement, and litigate the most effective benefits options for your union or municipality.

We also represent police officers, firefighters, educators, and other public employees in obtaining state disability and retirement benefits under the Police and Fire Retirement System, the Employees' Retirement System, and the the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System.

Among our recent achievements was reversing the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System’s denial of a client’s application to purchase retirement service credits for prior services rendered in public employment.  Our challenge led to a total reversal of the Teachers' Retirement System’s long-standing policy, which now applies statewide to all similarly-situated public employees. 

If you believe you have been wrongly denied ordinary disability retirement or accidental disability retirement benefits, or have been denied your creditable service toward a state pension, contact us for a free consultation.

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