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Having worked on both sides of the bargaining table, the attorneys at the Labor Group of Bartlo, Hettler, Weiss & Tripi have a broad range of experience advising villages, towns, and cities on the complex field of municipal law.

We advise municipal clients on employment law and employee benefits law, as well as on issues arising from policing, infrastructure, zoning, and historic preservation. Our lawyers also serve in public service roles as Village Prosecutors and Town Attorneys.

Among the highlights of our practice are:

  • Guiding municipalities in collective negotiation

  • Promoting best practices in public safety services

  • Advising clients on compliance with state and federal law

  • Representing municipalities in workers' compensation and disciplinary hearings

  • Litigating the duties of villages and their surrounding towns to maintain bridges

  • Representing municipalities in disputes with contractors

  • Drafting and enforcing village historic preservation ordinances

  • Negotiating the consolidation of services among towns and villages

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