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Are you new to collective bargaining, or want a deeper understanding of how New York's unique Taylor Law works?

The Labor Group at Bartlo, Hettler, Weiss & Tripi is ready to help your union or municipality learn and make the most of the collective bargaining process. Through seminars and hands-on training, we advise our clients at every step, from negotiation to litigation.

Participants learn practical skills and strategies for collective bargaining, including:


  • The rights and limitations imposed on public employers and unions by the Taylor Law

  • The role of the Civil Service Commission in hiring and promotion

  • The job of the Public Employment Relations Board in policing improper employment practices

  • Mandatory and permissive subjects of collective bargaining

  • Dispute resolution, including the nuts-and-bolts of bringing grievances, improper practices, and post-grievance proceedings in the New York courts

  • Employee protections from unjust discipline and discharge

  • A union's duty of fair representation

  • Strategies for reaching an effective collective bargaining agreement

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